Professionnels en règlement des différends S.A. is a participatory justice firm which provides integrated dispute prevention and resolution services in contexts of conflict in the workplace, psychological harassment in the workplace, civil and commercial disputes, and public and environmental conflicts.

The firm consists of lawyers who act as impartial third parties such as mediators, investigators and arbitrators. We encourage an interdisciplinary practice of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), integrating into our team professionals from various fields related to law.

Our mediation, investigation and arbitration services allow our clients from the public and private sectors to choose the appropriate prevention and dispute resolution mechanisms within a continuum of services, from collaborative modes to adjudicative modes of justice. Following a preliminary assessment of the conflict, we suggest the mechanism most likely to promote early resolution of the conflict, and to meet the needs of the parties and their mutual interests. Autonomy and accountability of the parties in resolving their dispute are favored, as part of the elaborate process tailored to meet their needs. Each of our resolution process meets the procedural fairness, confidentiality and the highest ethical principles.

Professionals in dispute resolution™ also offers training programs that improve the ability of individuals and groups to resolve their own disputes efficiently.

All professionals in our team are certified trainers, mediators or arbitrators by the official governing accreditation in these areas.