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PRDSA brings together a team of professionals in law, human resources, psychology and other related disciplines. We provide services and training to prevent and resolve workplace conflict, incivility and harassment in civil and commercial environments. Watch our free training videos.

We also serve as neutral and impartial third parties for civil, commercial and workplace conflict resolution.

Our vision: Preventing conflicts is just as important as resolving them.

Implementing appropriate conflict and prevention and resolution methods means customizing the process to meet the needs of the parties involved and help the organization achieves its goals.

Conflict prevention and resolution means:

Foster engagement

Empowering individuals and groups to resolve conflicts themselves by maximizing awareness, coaching and training activities.

Taking prompt action

Taking prompt action as soon as a workplace relationship complaint is filed, regardless of whether it constitutes harassment.

Encourage communication

Encouraging direct communication, dialogue and collaboration between the parties involved in the conflict at any stage of the process.

Identifying and addressing the risk factors

Identifying and addressing the risk factors (relationship, structural or organizational) that are escalating the tension.

Implementing procedures and methods proportional

Implementing procedures and methods proportional to the nature of the issues and complexity of the problem.

Adopting policies and procedures based on a conflict management approach

Adopting policies and procedures based on a conflict management approach rather than a complaint processing approach.

Putting an end to situations of harassment

Identifying and putting an end to situations of psychological harassment in accordance with the best mediation and investigation practices by enlisting a neutral, independent and competent third party when a complaint deemed admissible is brought before a person in authority.

Considering collaborative resolution methods

Considering collaborative resolution methods (assisted dialogue, facilitation or mediation) at every step of the process for resolving situations of incivility, conflict or harassment.

High ethical and deontological standards that promote adherence.

Our ethical and professional standards require the parties concerned to respect transparency and the full disclosure of sensitive information, as well as the conflict resolution procedures implemented by our professionals.

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