Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) audit

Through semi-structured interviews and document analyses, the ADR audit aims to evaluate an organization’s conflict, incivility or harassment resolution processes, propose adjustments, assist in implementing changes and conduct follow-ups.

The specific goals of an ADR intervention are mainly to:

  • Evaluate managers’ level of training regarding prevention and resolution of instances of incivility, conflict and harassment, as well as issue recommendations for a management training plan aimed at maximizing the chances that these situations can be addressed informally at the lowest level possible
  • Evaluate the level of training of the personnel responsible for handling these situations and, if needed, issue appropriate recommendations regarding their base or ongoing training plan
  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of the various actors involved in handling instances of incivility, conflict or harassment, based on their respective job descriptions in order to optimize the handling of these situations
  • Evaluate the psychological or sexual harassment complaint resolution process in accordance with the best investigation and mediation practices, comment on its effectiveness, then make appropriate structural and organizational recommendations
  • Comment on and evaluate recent or expected revisions to the organization’s psychological harassment prevention and complaint processing policy
  • Evaluate relational issues within the team that could negatively impact efficient processing of incivility, conflict and harassment situations.

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