Professional neutral evaluation services for conflict prevention and resolution at the workplace

This process aims to highlight the various dynamics of a group conflict and define its individual, structural and organizational causes before implementing one or more conflict resolution methods. 

Based on the statements of members of the concerned workplace, the neutral evaluator gathers data not only on the risk factors that contributed to the deterioration of the workplace climate and to the sustained tension, but also on the protective factors that could temporarily alleviate the tension in order to maximize their potential.  

Our neutral evaluator promptly notifies the organization of any situation that could pose a legal obligation for the employer, such as demonstrable prohibited vexatious conduct. Other measures for dealing with the situation could be recommended, as necessary.

A neutral evaluation report is prepared as part of the process. It includes an exhaustive summary of the issues identified, as well as recommendations as to the most appropriate conflict resolution and work environment restoration processes to ensure long-term resolution of the situation.  

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