Impartial workplace investigation

An employer can conduct an investigation if it has reason to believe one of its employees has been the victim of harassment, especially if an analysis of the complaint has confirmed its admissibility. An external investigator may be chosen in some cases in the interest of objectivity, impartiality and credibility in the eyes of the parties concerned. 

Our dispute resolution professionals conduct confidential investigations in accordance with recognized best investigatory practices, organizational policies and the highest ethical and professional principles in the field. 

Our clear and concise reports present the applied methodology, the allegations, each party’s version of the events, corroboration from and credibility of any witness statements, the analysis of the evidence according to the rules of evidence based on the balance of probabilities, and, lastly, the conclusion asto whether harassment occurred and whether the employer fully assumed its preventive and restorative obligations under section 81.19 of the Act respecting labour standards. Our reports may also identify risk factors and make recommendations toward correcting the situation.  

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